Tarab is produced by Leila of Cairo featuring Safaa Farid singing classic Egyptian songs for bellydance in the Tarab style. Safaa Farid has been singing with belly dancers in Egypt for over 25 years. His recordings are some of the most recognized and cherished by dancers throughout the world. This is Leila's 4th album - recorded in Cairo right after the revolution.


1 Ben Aleya Hoboo (Negat) 5:27

2 Wahashtini (Soad Mohamed) 6:08

3 Ekdeb Aleyk (Warda) 4:46

4 Kamel el Awsaf (Abdel Halim Hafez) 5:10

5 Tisel Ley Aleya (Faiza Akmed) 5:35

6 Al Helwa wa Mora (Abdel Ghani Saeed) 5:30

7 Fi Yom Wa Leyla (Warda) 4:57

8 Enta Mein (Mohamed Rushdi) 4:02

9 Hiyart Elbi Ma’ak (Om Kalthoum) 7:30
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