The latest music that Jillina is using in her workshops.

Enti Ya Amar by Mercedes Nieto

$ 14.99

This inspiring album is a compilation of Middle-Eastern music for Egyptian style bellydance, recorded in Cairo. Played by great Egyptian musicians for oriental dancers and for everyone who is interested in this beautiful, mysterious and passionate musical world.Tracks1. Enti Ya Amar     7:29                   2. El Oyoun Essoud     3:58                   3. Darbouka A’la Mony     3:30                   4. Baladi Ya Oyouny     4:24  ...

Oriental Beats by Khader Ahmad

$ 14.99

MP3 Download!!!  1. Qabl El Naharda (Menace): 5:50 min 2. Darbuka Ya (Drum Solo) 3:42 min 3. Elements (Modern Fusion) 4:10 min 4. Goldfingers (Accordion Baladi) 3:53 min 5. Reggaetak (Drum Solo) 4:51 min 6. Aman (Modern Fusion) 5:26 min 7. Shik Shak Dum (Drum Solo) 4:13 min Must download to a computer, not mobile device.