The latest music that Jillina is using in her workshops.

Khissa Saidi Single Track

$ 3.00

Single Track of the song Khissa Saidi Digital Download

Down The Rabbit Hole Single

$ 3.00

By popular demand we are offering "Down the Rabbit Hole" as a SINGLE track from the soundtrack of Bellydance Evolution's Alice in Wonderland by Paul Dinletir.

Sit El Helween Choreography Edit

$ 3.00

Sit El Helween off the album Balady Ya Wad was recorded in Cairo at Maryland Music studios. Composed by Mounier Abd Elaaziz, arranged by Nader Zakaraya, and produced by Mohamed Shahin.  This fully orchestrated Mejance was made specifically for dancers.  Jillina has made this exclusive edit to match her choreography.

NZN Derbaka De Solo Single

$ 3.00

This Drum Solo Single includes 2 tracks including the Workshop Edit and the Full version of NzN Derbaka De Solo by Marcos Otero.  Jillina choose this unique drum solo for this powerful influence and dynamic composition.

Leylet Hob Single

$ 3.00

Single Track of Leylet Hob off of Mercedes Nieto's album Layali El Hob Music for Oriental Dance Vol. 2


Layali El Hob by Mercedes Nieto

$ 14.99 $ 11.00

Digital Download of Mercedes Nieto's latest album Layali El Hob - Music for Oriental Dancers.  This album includes 9 tracks Recorded in Cairo, Egypt 2013, produced by Mercedes Nieto.

The Mystic (Fusion Evolution Workshop Single)

$ 3.00

Enjoy one of the most popular tracks from Fantasm - 1001 Nights. This is also the companion music for Jillina's "Fusion Evolution" Workshop. There are two tracks included in this download. 1. The Mystic (Full length from Fantasm - 1001 Nights) 2. The Mystic Short (Fusion Evolution Workshop edit)


$ 3.00

New innovative drum solo by Lucas Cortese. This drum solo is rich with astrong percussive sound and a unique composition that will inspire you.


$ 14.99

1. Sehr ELfan 2. Shish Bish 3. Ya Msafer 4. Ahla Taria  5. Naam Ya Habibi 6. Ghabou Elaheba 7. Beshwash Eldalal 8. Salma 9. Sehr ELfan Online