The latest music that Jillina is using in her workshops.

Leylet Hob Single

$ 3.00

Single Track of Leylet Hob off of Mercedes Nieto's album Layali El Hob Music for Oriental Dance Vol. 2


Layali El Hob by Mercedes Nieto

$ 14.99 $ 11.00

Digital Download of Mercedes Nieto's latest album Layali El Hob - Music for Oriental Dancers.  This album includes 9 tracks Recorded in Cairo, Egypt 2013, produced by Mercedes Nieto.

The Mystic (Fusion Evolution Workshop Single)

$ 3.00

Enjoy one of the most popular tracks from Fantasm - 1001 Nights. This is also the companion music for Jillina's "Fusion Evolution" Workshop. There are two tracks included in this download. 1. The Mystic (Full length from Fantasm - 1001 Nights) 2. The Mystic Short (Fusion Evolution Workshop edit)


$ 3.00

New innovative drum solo by Lucas Cortese. This drum solo is rich with astrong percussive sound and a unique composition that will inspire you.


$ 14.99

1. Sehr ELfan 2. Shish Bish 3. Ya Msafer 4. Ahla Taria  5. Naam Ya Habibi 6. Ghabou Elaheba 7. Beshwash Eldalal 8. Salma 9. Sehr ELfan Online