Poco Loco Percussion

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Master percussionist Issam Houshan and innovative choreographer Jillina have collaborated to create a compilation of Middle Eastern music. Thanks to Jillina's extensive dance background and Issam's high energy tabla solos, this CD is bound to keep belly dancers of all styles moving! Both are currently touring with Bellydance Evolution.   1. Poco Loco Percussion (6:22) 2. Latin Passion Percussion (5:02)...


The Baladi Tour by Issam Houshan

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Master percussionist Issam Houshan and the finest musicians from Syria, The Damascus Belly Dance Orchestra, have collaborated on an amazing array of music. From modern versions of traditional Middle Eastern standards to Issam's inventive high-energy tabla solos, there is something here for everyone. This beautifully arranged collection is a must for belly dancers of any style as well as fans...


Dancing Drum Vol. 1

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Tabla Solos & Drum Rhythms where Issam collaborates with Jillina Tracks1 Tabla Solo I2 Tabla Solo 23 Tabla Solo 34 Saidii5 Wahda Kabira6 Maksoom7 Malfoof8 Masmoudi Soghayar9 Masmoudi10 Balady11 Fallahi12 Ayoub13 Karatchi14 Morrocan15 Rasba16 Zaffa17 Khaliji


Tabel Ya Issam

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Traditional favorites with an upbeat contemporary edge, plus several original composition by Issam Houshan. Includes two drum solos with challenging dynamics. This cd is for those who enjoy dancing professionally as well as those who love the music of TablaTRACKS1. Tabel Ya Issam (5:12)2. Solo Tabla (4:03)3. Baladi Accordion (3:53)4. Solo Tabla (3:15)5. Azziza (3:30)6. Al Helwa (5:12)7. Al Bini...