$ 3.00

New innovative drum solo by Lucas Cortese. This drum solo is rich with astrong percussive sound and a unique composition that will inspire you.


$ 14.99

1. Sehr ELfan 2. Shish Bish 3. Ya Msafer 4. Ahla Taria  5. Naam Ya Habibi 6. Ghabou Elaheba 7. Beshwash Eldalal 8. Salma 9. Sehr ELfan Online

Hawak Mazika (DIGITAL ALBUM)

$ 14.99

1. Shaghalty Elbal 2. Lama Baablak 3. Hobika 4. Ya Wad Ya Taeil 5. Hawak Mazika 6. Seedy Maneour 7. Ehtar Awy 8. Fi Gamalo 9. Ya Wad Ya Taeil (Music) 10. Seedy Maneour (Short) 11. Shagalty Elbal (Online Edit)

Fantasm - Soundtrack

$ 14.99

Original soundtrack for Bellydance Evolution's fourth production Fantasm - 1001 NightsComposed by Paul Dinletir. TRACKS Fantasm (8:42) Scheherazade (1:44) Sinbad’s Odyssey (6:06) Into the Deep (2:45) Oceana (2:41) Equus (2:46) The Mystic (4:58) Dabke Voyage (2:51) Princess of Bombay (6:06) Savage Island (5:49) Betrayal (1:07) Flight of Destiny (9:08) Affliction (1:32) Libre de la Tentación (7:32) Resolution (3:58) Dabke Voyage...

Thunder Drum

$ 14.99

Jillina and Ozzy bring you this supersoncic new drum solo CD, featuring drum solos from Bellydance Evolution's "Dark Side of the Crown" and "Alice in Wonderland". Thunder Drum (4:45) Shapow (3:26) ~ From Bellydance Evolution's "Dark Side of the Crown" Twiddle Dee Twiddle Doom (1:38) ~ From Bellydance Evolution's "Alice in Wonderland Wonderdrum (2:07) ~ From Bellydance Evolution's "Alice in Wonderland"...

Poco Loco Percussion

$ 14.99

Master percussionist Issam Houshan and innovative choreographer Jillina have collaborated to create a compilation of Middle Eastern music. Thanks to Jillina's extensive dance background and Issam's high energy tabla solos, this CD is bound to keep belly dancers of all styles moving! Both are currently touring with Bellydance Evolution.   1. Poco Loco Percussion (6:22) 2. Latin Passion Percussion (5:02)...

Alice in Wonderland Live Performance

$ 20.00

Get the live performance of Bellydance Evolution's Alice in Wonderland, along with the soundtrack and digital program, all on the convenience of a USB Flash Drive or digital download. Flash Drive includes: Video: Live from Los Angeles Music: Original Soundtrack Digital Souvenir Program *The download version of this is 1.86GB.  Please make sure you have enough space on your computer...

Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack

$ 14.99

Bellydance Evolution's Alice in Wonderland soundtrack, featuring music from Paul Dinletir. Prologue    (1:40) Wonderland    (5:34) Clickity Clockity    (3:22) Down the Rabbit Hole    (3:14) Pool Of Tears    (1:55) Sitar Dreams    (2:12) Solemnity    (2:02) Involution    (1:47) Cheshire Cat    (2:42) Black Forest    (2:25) The Madhatter    (1:28) Mad Tea Party    (3:17) Tango Tangle    (1:06) Paint it...

Who Stole the Tarts? MP3 Download

$ 2.99

Exclusive release from Bellydance Evolution's "Alice in Wonderland" show.  Not available on the soundtrack.  This mp3 is 13.5 MB.  Please make sure you have enough space on your computer to download before placing your order.

Tahitian Hips

$ 5.00

Tahitian Hips - MP3 Download Original Polynesian inspired Drum Solo by Paul Dinletir *This file is 6MB large, please make sure you have enough space on your computer before downloading.  If you are downloading from a mobile device, make sure you save to Dropbox in order to access it.

Dark Side Of The Crown

$ 19.99

Jillina Presents Bellydance Evolution "Dark Side Of The Crown" Featuring a Star-Studded Cast; Dark Side of the Crown blends Eastern & Western dance in a dark tale of murder and deceit, where no one is who they seem and love knows no bounds. Directed By – Jillina Original Music By – Paul Dinletir Original Story By – Brad MacDonald Starring:...

Dark Side of the Crown Soundtrack

$ 14.99

After a successful release of "Immortal Desires" Bellydance Evolution presents the soundtrack for their second world dance show, Dark Side of the Crown". TRACKS 01. The Chosen One - 8:53 02. Forbidden Love - 2:16 03. Last Rites - 2:28 04. Dark Side of the Crown - 5:50 05. Evanescent - 3:56 06. Breaking Free - 3:58 07. True Colors...

Immortal Desires

$ 19.99

Jillina Presents - Bellydance Evolution's "Immortal Desires" DVD Bellydance takes on a whole new form in this mythological tale of passion, jealousy and a love that transcends time... Directed by: Jillina ~ Original Story by: Brandi Centeno ~ Original Score by: Paul Dinletir Starring: Jillina, Kaeshi, Sharon Kihara, Elizabeth Strong, Louchia, Heather Aued, Angeles, Zurab Dudashvili & Gia Mikeladze This...

Immortal Desires Soundtrack

$ 14.99

MP3 DOWNLOAD The soundtrack to Bellydance Evolution's Theatrical Spectacular!! A mythical tale of passion, Jealousy & a love that transcends time. Tracks: 1. Immortal Desires by Paul Dinletir featuring Ozzy 2. Indika by Paul Dinletir 3. Immortal Love by Paul Dinletir 4. Realization by Paul Dinletir 5. Apollo's Quest by Paul Dinletir 6. Medusa's Fury by Paul Dinletir 7. Pandora's...

Oriental Beats Vol. 2 by Khader Ahmad

$ 14.99

MP3 Download!!!  1. OLOUB 05:47 2. TABALATI KHADER 03:37 3. ADARABUKA 04:22 4. DUMTASTIC 03:44 5. ROH EL ACCORDION 03:11 6. AFRICANDUM 02:59 7. ROH EL ACCORDION 01:45 8. RYTHM BALADI 01:47 9. RYTHM MAKSOUM 02:20 10. RYTHM MALFOUF LOOP 01:29 11. RYTHM IBRAHIMI LOOP 01:24 Must download to a computer, not mobile device.

Oriental Beats by Khader Ahmad

$ 14.99

MP3 Download!!!  1. Qabl El Naharda (Menace): 5:50 min 2. Darbuka Ya (Drum Solo) 3:42 min 3. Elements (Modern Fusion) 4:10 min 4. Goldfingers (Accordion Baladi) 3:53 min 5. Reggaetak (Drum Solo) 4:51 min 6. Aman (Modern Fusion) 5:26 min 7. Shik Shak Dum (Drum Solo) 4:13 min Must download to a computer, not mobile device.

Enti Ya Amar by Mercedes Nieto

$ 14.99

This inspiring album is a compilation of Middle-Eastern music for Egyptian style bellydance, recorded in Cairo. Played by great Egyptian musicians for oriental dancers and for everyone who is interested in this beautiful, mysterious and passionate musical world.Tracks1. Enti Ya Amar     7:29                   2. El Oyoun Essoud     3:58                   3. Darbouka A’la Mony     3:30                   4. Baladi Ya Oyouny     4:24  ...

Sukara ~ Egyptian Bellydance Music Vol. 2

$ 14.99

Leila presents Sukara ~ Egyptian Bellydance Music Vol. 2 Music:  1. Leila Sukara (6:06) 2. Esmaooni (7:42) 3. Salamit Om Hassan (3:13) 4. Beledi Alwad (5:04) 5. Ansak (6:54) 6. Saidi Cocktail (7:01) 7. Min hob fik ya ghari with Tahk il Shabak (5:07) 8. Mo'aood (11:48) MP3 download version includes - Bonus Track: Jillina's "Sensational Sharqi" Workshop edit (4:42)   The...

Kapow Drum Solo

$ 5.00

Music by Matias Hazrum from Jillina's "Kapow Drum Solo" Workshop. Single track download. This mp3 is 11 MB.  Please make sure you have enough space on your computer to download before placing your order.

Oriental Choreography w/ Jillina

$ 19.99

Jillina's Latest Instructional DVD w/ Companion CD included! An Intermediate Choreography using Egyptian entrance music, featuring a rich variety of rhythms and instrumentation. Jillina fuses modern Egyptian and folkloric movements with a unique blend of her own style of dance. In this DVD you will learn how to articulate your hips as well as entrance your fluid and lyrical movements....

Drum Solo Evolution w/ Jillina & Ozzy

$ 19.99

Learn a dynamic drum solo choreography using layered and percussive movements, a variety of shimmies and strong hip technique. Joined by master percussionist Ozzy, Jillina will give step-by-step breakdown of the intricate choreography that highlights and explores the vast possibilities of Middle Eastern Rhythms.DVD INCLUDES*Yoga Inspired Warm-up*Intermediate / Advanced Level Technique & Combinations*Full-length Drum Solo Choreography*Behind the Scenes Footage &...

Evolution of the Drum Solo w/ Ozzy

$ 19.99

Learn how to play the Arabic Darbuka and Frame Drum. Ozzy leads you thru technique, rhythms and combinations and a full drum solo. Accompanied by Donavan on frame drum you get to see how both drums are played together and separate. This DVD includes basic, intermediate and advanced technique to accommodate all levels of drummers. Whether you are a drummer...

Evolution of the Drum with Ozzy Soundtrack

$ 14.99

Amazing Brand New CD from master percussionist Ozzy.This CD is a Companion CD to "Evolution of the Drum Solo" & "Drum Solo Evolution" DVDs!TRACKS1. Evolution of the Drum (3:49)2. Moraccan Haliji (3:44)3. Yalla Tabla (6:13)4. Malfouf 2/4 (3:17)5. Ayoub 2/4 (2:33)6. Falahi 2/4 (3:23)7. Haliji Twist 4/4 (3:29)8. Saiidi 4/4 (3:19)9. Masmoudi Sar’ye 4/4 (3:07)10. Ozzy Smoudi 4/4 (3:17)11. Masmoudi...

Entrance Choreography Vol.1

$ 19.99

The 1st installment of Jillina's second line of instructional DVDs is sure to make your entrance a memorable one. *Companion CD available here The download version of this movie is 2.12 GB.  Please make sure you have enough space on your computer to download before placing your order.

Lebanese Choreography Vol. 2

$ 19.99

The Lebanese Choreography is the 2nd installment of Jillina's second series of instructional DVDs, it offers a fun choreography that you will enjoy dancing to.  *Companion CD available here The download version of this movie is 2.36 GB.  Please make sure you have enough space on your computer to download before placing your order.

Drum Solo Choreography Vol.3

$ 19.99

The 3rd installment of Jillina's 2nd set of instructional DVDS will leave you with a terrific drum solo to end your spectacular show!  *Companion CD available here The download version of this movie is 2.07 GB.  Please make sure you have enough space on your computer to download before placing your order.

Bellydance with Jillina Soundtrack

$ 14.99

Companion music for Jillina's choreography DVDs. This CD has it all, music to all three instructional DVDs are available on this CD along with some special tracks chosen by Jillina herself. Tracks1. Ancient Ruins "Entrance Choreography" - Paul Dinletir (4:01)2. Ya Hawa "Lebanese Pop Choreography" - Shady Sayegh (3:09)3. Hipalicious Drum Solo "Drum Solo Choreography" - Issam Houshan (3:31)4. Awakenings...


Shape Up n Hip Out

$ 19.99 $ 9.99

This fun, cardio workout is perfect for the beginner to advanced dancer. Jillina drills technique and instructs on how the movement is executed. Plus bonus performance footage by Jillina, Ahava, Louchia, Heather Aued, Denise Arias & Jillina's Sahlala Dancers.  *Companion CD available here The download version of this movie is 3.36 GB.  Please make sure you have enough space on...

Shape Up n Hip Out Soundtrack

$ 14.99

Shape Up N Hip Out companion CD is a DOUBLE CD!! It contains unique extended mix tracks, plus the performance music from the Shape Up N Hip Out DVD.TRACKS - DISC ONE1. Slow & Smooth - 16:592. Rhythm Hips - 18:293. Turbo Hips - 19:38TRACKS - DISC TWO4. Awakenings - 9:285. Reflections - 5:396. Pharonic Odyssey - 4:577. Entrance of...

Jillina Raks!

$ 14.99

Digital MP3 DownloadCompanion CD to Jillina's original 'Drum Solo' DVD. Featuring spellbinding originals by Paul Dinletir, a highlight in the IAMED Awards Video Series.TRACKS1. BEYOND EGYPT - PAUL DINLETIR (IAMED video #4)2. BEHIND THE VEIL - PAUL DINLETIR3. DRUM SOLO - MOHAMMED SALEM (Jillina's Instructional DVD)4. ICE QUEEN - PAUL DINLETIR (IAMED video #5)5. DRUM SOLO - ZIAD ISLAMBOULI (IAMED...

Gift Card

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Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Jillina Shop gift card. Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees.

Ori Tahiti Dance Challenge

$ 0.00

Download this free song to participate in Kapua's BDE Ori Tahiti Dance Challenge!

Jungle Book Dance Challenge Free Downlaod

$ 0.00

Welcome to...... the JUNGLE BOOK COMBO CHALLENGE!How to enter: Download this song. Film yourself performing this combo from The Jungle Book  Post your video to IG and be sure to tag @bellydanceevolution, @jillinacarlano, and hashtag #junglebookchallenge  Challenge ends Jan 21 and winner will be announced on Jan 22!GRAND PRIZE: Win FREE admission to one of Jillina's workshops in Hannover, DE....

Flight of Destiny (Single)

$ 0.00

Enjoy one of the most popular tracks from Fantasm - 1001 Nights. (This is a single track)

The Mystic (Fusion Evolution Workshop Single)

$ 3.00

Enjoy one of the most popular tracks from Fantasm - 1001 Nights. This is also the companion music for Jillina's "Fusion Evolution" Workshop. There are two tracks included in this download. 1. The Mystic (Full length from Fantasm - 1001 Nights) 2. The Mystic Short (Fusion Evolution Workshop edit)