Kapow Drum Solo

$ 5.00

Music by Matias Hazrum from Jillina's "Kapow Drum Solo" Workshop. Single track download. This mp3 is 11 MB.  Please make sure you have enough space on your computer to download before placing your order.

Oriental Choreography w/ Jillina

$ 19.99

Jillina's Latest Instructional DVD w/ Companion CD included! An Intermediate Choreography using Egyptian entrance music, featuring a rich variety of rhythms and instrumentation. Jillina fuses modern Egyptian and folkloric movements with a unique blend of her own style of dance. In this DVD you will learn how to articulate your hips as well as entrance your fluid and lyrical movements....

Drum Solo Evolution w/ Jillina & Ozzy

$ 19.99

Learn a dynamic drum solo choreography using layered and percussive movements, a variety of shimmies and strong hip technique. Joined by master percussionist Ozzy, Jillina will give step-by-step breakdown of the intricate choreography that highlights and explores the vast possibilities of Middle Eastern Rhythms.DVD INCLUDES*Yoga Inspired Warm-up*Intermediate / Advanced Level Technique & Combinations*Full-length Drum Solo Choreography*Behind the Scenes Footage &...

Evolution of the Drum Solo w/ Ozzy

$ 19.99

Learn how to play the Arabic Darbuka and Frame Drum. Ozzy leads you thru technique, rhythms and combinations and a full drum solo. Accompanied by Donavan on frame drum you get to see how both drums are played together and separate. This DVD includes basic, intermediate and advanced technique to accommodate all levels of drummers. Whether you are a drummer...

Evolution of the Drum with Ozzy Soundtrack

$ 14.99

Amazing Brand New CD from master percussionist Ozzy.This CD is a Companion CD to "Evolution of the Drum Solo" & "Drum Solo Evolution" DVDs!TRACKS1. Evolution of the Drum (3:49)2. Moraccan Haliji (3:44)3. Yalla Tabla (6:13)4. Malfouf 2/4 (3:17)5. Ayoub 2/4 (2:33)6. Falahi 2/4 (3:23)7. Haliji Twist 4/4 (3:29)8. Saiidi 4/4 (3:19)9. Masmoudi Sar’ye 4/4 (3:07)10. Ozzy Smoudi 4/4 (3:17)11. Masmoudi...

Entrance Choreography Vol.1

$ 19.99

The 1st installment of Jillina's second line of instructional DVDs is sure to make your entrance a memorable one. *Companion CD available here The download version of this movie is 2.12 GB.  Please make sure you have enough space on your computer to download before placing your order.