NZN Derbaka De Solo Single

$ 3.00

This Drum Solo Single includes 2 tracks including the Workshop Edit and the Full version of NzN Derbaka De Solo by Marcos Otero.  Jillina choose this unique drum solo for this powerful influence and dynamic composition.

Oriental Beats by Khader Ahmad

$ 14.99

MP3 Download!!!  1. Qabl El Naharda (Menace): 5:50 min 2. Darbuka Ya (Drum Solo) 3:42 min 3. Elements (Modern Fusion) 4:10 min 4. Goldfingers (Accordion Baladi) 3:53 min 5. Reggaetak (Drum Solo) 4:51 min 6. Aman (Modern Fusion) 5:26 min 7. Shik Shak Dum (Drum Solo) 4:13 min Must download to a computer, not mobile device.

Oriental Beats Vol. 2 by Khader Ahmad

$ 14.99

MP3 Download!!!  1. OLOUB 05:47 2. TABALATI KHADER 03:37 3. ADARABUKA 04:22 4. DUMTASTIC 03:44 5. ROH EL ACCORDION 03:11 6. AFRICANDUM 02:59 7. ROH EL ACCORDION 01:45 8. RYTHM BALADI 01:47 9. RYTHM MAKSOUM 02:20 10. RYTHM MALFOUF LOOP 01:29 11. RYTHM IBRAHIMI LOOP 01:24 Must download to a computer, not mobile device.

Poco Loco Percussion

$ 14.99

Master percussionist Issam Houshan and innovative choreographer Jillina have collaborated to create a compilation of Middle Eastern music. Thanks to Jillina's extensive dance background and Issam's high energy tabla solos, this CD is bound to keep belly dancers of all styles moving! Both are currently touring with Bellydance Evolution.   1. Poco Loco Percussion (6:22) 2. Latin Passion Percussion (5:02)...

Tahitian Hips

$ 5.00

Tahitian Hips - MP3 Download Original Polynesian inspired Drum Solo by Paul Dinletir *This file is 6MB large, please make sure you have enough space on your computer before downloading.  If you are downloading from a mobile device, make sure you save to Dropbox in order to access it.

Immortal Desires

$ 19.99

Jillina Presents - Bellydance Evolution's "Immortal Desires" DVD Bellydance takes on a whole new form in this mythological tale of passion, jealousy and a love that transcends time... Directed by: Jillina ~ Original Story by: Brandi Centeno ~ Original Score by: Paul Dinletir Starring: Jillina, Kaeshi, Sharon Kihara, Elizabeth Strong, Louchia, Heather Aued, Angeles, Zurab Dudashvili & Gia Mikeladze This...