$ 3.00

New innovative drum solo by Lucas Cortese. This drum solo is rich with astrong percussive sound and a unique composition that will inspire you.


$ 14.99

1. Sehr ELfan 2. Shish Bish 3. Ya Msafer 4. Ahla Taria  5. Naam Ya Habibi 6. Ghabou Elaheba 7. Beshwash Eldalal 8. Salma 9. Sehr ELfan Online

Hawak Mazika (DIGITAL ALBUM)

$ 14.99

1. Shaghalty Elbal 2. Lama Baablak 3. Hobika 4. Ya Wad Ya Taeil 5. Hawak Mazika 6. Seedy Maneour 7. Ehtar Awy 8. Fi Gamalo 9. Ya Wad Ya Taeil (Music) 10. Seedy Maneour (Short) 11. Shagalty Elbal (Online Edit)

Fantasm - Soundtrack

$ 14.99

Original soundtrack for Bellydance Evolution's fourth production Fantasm - 1001 NightsComposed by Paul Dinletir. TRACKS Fantasm (8:42) Scheherazade (1:44) Sinbad’s Odyssey (6:06) Into the Deep (2:45) Oceana (2:41) Equus (2:46) The Mystic (4:58) Dabke Voyage (2:51) Princess of Bombay (6:06) Savage Island (5:49) Betrayal (1:07) Flight of Destiny (9:08) Affliction (1:32) Libre de la Tentación (7:32) Resolution (3:58) Dabke Voyage...

Thunder Drum

$ 14.99

Jillina and Ozzy bring you this supersoncic new drum solo CD, featuring drum solos from Bellydance Evolution's "Dark Side of the Crown" and "Alice in Wonderland". Thunder Drum (4:45) Shapow (3:26) ~ From Bellydance Evolution's "Dark Side of the Crown" Twiddle Dee Twiddle Doom (1:38) ~ From Bellydance Evolution's "Alice in Wonderland Wonderdrum (2:07) ~ From Bellydance Evolution's "Alice in Wonderland"...

Poco Loco Percussion

$ 14.99

Master percussionist Issam Houshan and innovative choreographer Jillina have collaborated to create a compilation of Middle Eastern music. Thanks to Jillina's extensive dance background and Issam's high energy tabla solos, this CD is bound to keep belly dancers of all styles moving! Both are currently touring with Bellydance Evolution.   1. Poco Loco Percussion (6:22) 2. Latin Passion Percussion (5:02)...